What makes him ultimately successful?

Everyone has faced many difficulties in their life before. The novel ‘ The First Third’ by Will Kostakis shows plenty of difficulties when solving something given by his grandma. The main character, Billy faces many complex problems when completing his Yia Yia’s bucket list. At first he becomes unsuccessful with solving it because of the way he presented his solution. In the end he completes his bucket list successfully. He successfully makes it by persevering and being persistent, if one solution didn’t work Billy would try again. 

In the beginning, when Billy goes to the hospital by himself, his grandma handed a sliver of paper with someone else’s handwriting. It was a bucket list, written was: ‘Find your mummy new husband, Have Simon girlfriend in Sydney and fix Peter.’ Billy had never heard of the world bucket list and had to be told the meaning by his best friend Lucas also known as Sticks and his crush Hayley. A bucket list is a to-do list that has to be achieved by that person. With a new complex challenge Billy had to do with his best friend as his grandma’s dying wish. 

The first one was to find his mum a new husband. With the help of his best friend Lucas they set up a fake dating profile for his mum. They talked to many guys before settling on a guy they liked named Patrick. They let him message his mum’s phone number and when she got the notification she continued texting him but made the mistake of sending 16 at a time. A line from the novel that Billy was thinking in his mind was “If there’s one sure-fire way to set off alarm bells, it was trailing off”, showing metaphor . This relates to difficulties because everyone has sent one of many too many texts to someone they liked and would be completely ghosted from them. But he becomes ultimately successful when he tells his mum to never reply with too much text and decided to give his best friend’s uncle a chance. He also is perseverance and persistent because even though that guy rejected his mother, Billy and Lucas tried talking to another guy and she went out on a date with him but in the end that didn’t work out. So their resort was Lucas’ Uncle, his mum and uncle got along together and they decided to go on many more other dates.This feels up every emotion of the audience because everyone has sent one of many too many texts to someone they liked and would be completely ghosted from them. They can relate to the pain of what his mother is going through. 

Moveover, the second to - do list from Yia Yia’s bucket list was to find Simon a girlfriend in Sydney. Simon was the eldest in the family and he moved to Brisbane after not being wanted by his mother because he was gay. Bill would persevere and call his brother to ask how he was.A line from the novel “The other four hundred times weren’t enough?” the hyperbole of calling him many times but more like over a hundred feeling like he called his brother for so long he didn’t pick up.He becomes successful because keeps calling his brother and being persistent with it. Even if it was a short conversation, Billy still appreciated talking to Simon. When telling Simon the truth of how his mum would accept him being gay and he go bring home a guy. Simon also loves to help his mum do the chores and wanted to be with his family and feel loved. This changed Simon’s mind and he decides to move back. This relates back to the difficulties that Billy faced when trying to solve the bucket list.

The audience can empathise with Billy because when we call someone so many times and they don’t answer. We feel like we called them for the hundredth time.Even though they aren’t going to pick up the phone and answer we still become persistent. 

The third to-do list from Yia Yia’s bucket list is to fix Peter. When Billy and Peter were young they were very close. But as Peter got older he became distance to Billy and began to do his own individual things. Billy and Lucas’ plan for Peter was for Billy to follow Peter exercising or activities Peter liked to do. But as soon as Peter noticed he became angry with Billy, when Peter was hanging out with his grandma he would make her happy. The line in the novel “Peter’s concrete bravado was gone, and I could see it made my grandmother so happy”, shows metaphor about his braveness to ignore his family and when he was with his grandma he was happy and didn’t need to be brave.He becomes successful because with many fails to mend his relationship with Peter, he tried copying many of Peter’s interests.Being alone and talking to Peter and trying to make him warm up to Billy again but it didn’t work, in the end it does. This interacts with the audience because we all know someone that doesn’t like to talk to the family and likes to be their individual self. Hence, near the end of the book Peter accepts Billy as his older brother and they laugh together and have fun with each other. 

In conclusion, Billy did face a lot of difficulties during his adventure to tick off his grandma’s bucket list with the help of perseverance and persistence it became successful. At the end of the book they are one big happy greek family and they enjoy each other’s company.