Top 10 Topics in Essay Writing

As a student, it is normal to be bombarded with tons of school work. Even at home, students spend most of their time working on school projects, homework and tons of essays to write. Therefore, many students would ask themselves ‘who can write a paper for me’. Essay writing takes a lot of planning, researching and editing to come up with the best-written essay to submit in school. And the most difficult part of it is choosing the topic for your essay. It is important that the topic you choose is something that is interesting and trendy. This will grab the attention of the readers. You should also be fond of what you are writing about as it will make the writing process easier.

Top 10 Essay Topics for Students

1. Abortion

This is a popular topic among college students. Create a statement on whether abortion should be legalized or not. This will give lots of arguments and subtopics as it can tackle the health of the pregnant woman and the future of her child.

2. Genetic Cloning

This topic involves scientific information and ideas. It is a hot topic since many scientists are pushing it in animals. You can use the different animals that are being cloned as part of your essay.

3. Animal Rights

With this topic, you can cite situations when animal rights were violated. Since many people today are also fur parents, the essay will be interesting to read.

4. Sexual Abuse or Violence

This has been a favorite topic among college students. Though it is sensitive, you can create an essay that will connect the topic to the trending #MeToo movement. This will widen up your topic and you can write a long essay.

5. Cancer

Everybody is interested in anything that concerns cancer. It has been a household topic these days. You can use this topic to point out medications, therapies, and treatment. You can also include information on its causes, types, and preventions.

6. Illegal Immigrants

This is a hot topic in many countries and it will create a stir of interest in your essay. You can put in an argument of whether or not illegal immigrants should be granted residency.

7. Fake News

Every student knows what this is all about. You can include the effects of spreading fake news in your essay and this will surely be a worthy read for your professor.
8. Natural Healing
With so many diseases popping out these days, a topic that talks about natural and holistic healing will be great. State how one can use natural healing methods instead of taking medications.

9. Death Penalty

This topic will create a lot of discussions and arguments. Keep in mind that some may agree with it while some don’t. Your essay can stay neutral when you state the pros and cons of the death penalty.

10. Social Media

This is a topic that students can write most about. You can circle your essay on the use and abuse of social media. Students can write a lot of ideas on this topic as they are the ones who use social media regularly.
Students can choose from tons of topics for their essay writing. Some subjects provide the topic to be discussed. But in case you have a very specific topic, for example, something on math or statistics, you can use online statistics homework help and leave this task for experienced writers who will do everything you need on time. When you write an essay, stay as honest as possible. You can state an argument on the topic but maintain fairness and neutral opinions at all times.