What makes him ultimately successful?

Everyone has faced many difficulties in their life before. The novel ‘ The First Third’ by Will Kostakis shows plenty of difficulties when solving something given by his grandma. The main character, Billy faces many complex problems when completing his Yia Yia’s bucket list. At first he becomes unsuccessful with solving it because of the way he presented his solution. In the end he completes his bucket list successfully.

‘Family and Culture is essential to one’s identity’. To what extent do you agree?

Family and Culture is essential to one's identity. It defines who you are as a person. Everyone in the whole world has a culture and family to belong to, you feel loved and safe when you’re with your family. The novel ‘The First Third’ by Will Kostaskis presents family and culture in a unique way by showing the life of the main character who is a Greek and has to mend his family.

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Unit 6 Annotated Bibliography Assignment 

Thesis statement: Restaurants in the community should switch from plastic straws to steel straws because this will encourage a safer environment for the aquatic wildlife, create reusable material that does not leach chemicals, and decrease the amount of plastic waste on landfills.